Points to Remember


  1. Post arrival at Bangkok Airport, Visa, and immigration, you need to get the local Tourist SIM from any of the telecom counter at Airport, for further co-ordination and aligning of other tours.
  2. Please do not provide your roaming number to Thailand Tour Operator as ISD call is not possible by local drivers or operators to align your tour & co-ordination, hence local number is must, due to this if any of the tour or transfer get missed then you will be entirely responsible, and no claim will be considered from anywhere (Neither India nor Thailand).
  3. Need to reach at following gate nos. as per the respective arrival Airport:
    1. Suvarnabhumi Airport: Gate No.-3 (Second Floor) (Between Gate No.3 & 4, @ Information Desk)
    2. DMK (Don Meaung) Airport : Gate No.-3
    3. Phuket International Airport : Gate No.-3
    4. Phuket Domestic Airport : Main Arrival Exit Gate
    5. Krabi Airport (Int & Dom) : Main Arrival Exit Gate
  4. You need to find your name card at the exit gate and you will be proceeded to your respective Hotel as per your booking.
  5. In case you don’t find your name card at the exit gate then wait for 10-15 Minutes for any sudden incorporation at Transfers Company and once you get your name card then proceed accordingly.
  6. In case you don’t find your name card even after 15 minutes, call on following emergency numbers and mention your Airport, your Name and share your concern. You will get the assured assistance further. No need to get panicked or furious while you are waiting, sometimes it takes little extra time then usual to get things aligned. Our Company representative will be in touch until you reach your destination.
  7. While you are travelling, please make sure you follow standard luggage carrying norm {One main piece of hand luggage (Maximum Dimensions 56x45x25cm Including Handles, Pocket & wheels) and one personal item (e.g. laptop, handbag)}. Transfers are being booked as per the no. of persons and the above specified standard. Carrying extra luggage can attract additional luggage charge and that you may have to pay at the spot, or you need to validate it from your respective agents from India, then only you will be picked up to Hotel.
  8. Baby Stroller is considered as one complete luggage, if you have any then please mention to your agent before starting your travel. Moreover, stroller will not be allowed in any tour, please make sure the compliances before boarding to any tour. It is entirely up to you if your driver is ready to take or not, neither any of the agents will be responsible for the same, nor they will get into any matter.
  9. During your transfer to Hotel, you need to be careful about some points:
    1. No stopover in-between for any food break
    2. No smoking inside your Vehicle
    3. No Eating inside the vehicle
    4. Any extra stopover request to the Driver will attract extra waiting charges, which customers need to bear at the same spot by themselves.
    5. No Misbehavior with driver
    6. No loud talk inside your vehicle, which is also considered as bad etiquette here.
    7. Peoples here are very polite & self-esteemed; hence you need to deal peoples here in same way, any rudeness and impoliteness with peoples could put you in any unseen trouble for which your Indian Agents & Tour Operator will not be responsible in any circumstances. Moreover, any claim will not be considered in future pertaining to the scenario.
    8. It is strongly advised that when you are in Thailand, neither you should buy any excursion from any unknown person, nor pay any advance payment in name of booking or agent without consulting to your Tour operator, which is violation of Tour & Travel act plus any fraud or cheat happening to him/her will not be considered or compensated. Because it has been observed in past, that few illegal immigrants are residing here in local and they trap people for false booking and later they get disappear with the advance payments of the customer and then customers force their Tour operators to help in this matter and create illogical nuisances.
  10. Any Ride booked in advance from India or here is not refundable at any cost. Please make sure before making any prior booking, although to make any sudden alteration, kindly contact your tour operator well in advance.

For More Details & Clarification Please speak To Our Customer care Experts on +91 96674 11111